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the eye that remains of the me that was I

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(Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams (take 3)) by Ami Clarke.



A whispered visual/audio work made available through a downloadable app that provides the ideal conditions for the work to be listened to one to one, on headphones, kept in your pocket a little like a paperback.


It is one in a series of experimental takes of an on-going enquiry into diagrams, that reference and include appropriated texts, contemporary commentary; news items, as well as anecdotal evidence, culminating in an interrelated convergence of many interwoven threads, whereby the voice, through language, is constituted "between someone els's thoughts and the page", and considers the production of meaning through inference, association, paradox, and contradiction. Take 3 was compiled within the Brutalist architecture of the Barbican and the artists tendency to get lost within this structure, and it's location within the Corporation of London (which has a legal system outside of normal UK legislation) in relation to the new digital storage space/proposed commons of the Cloud.