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Diagram as Event

From research at the John Latham archive Flat Time House: display of five of John Latham's diagrams, considering further the diagram in relation to the archive.

•The basic (T) diagram


Score in terms of art

•The basic (T) diagram

the Plane (AU)  is ‘score’ a non-extended re-present with extended events. 

•Point Drawing

There is no intended interpretation, the drawing is included as prototype

•The basic (T) diagram

not for printing

•The basic (T) diagram
the map is a readymade after the initial premises are set out.

also displayed:
Full Stop       (1961)

Described by the Independent in 2005 as a "huge black painted circle that represents an event and its unknowable circumstances", the picture displayed is an enlarged photo of 'Full Stop" by John Latham, with a black line that incidentally occurs at the bottom of the page, found during research.

The punctuation implied by the title: 'Full Stop' suggests syncopation in terms of event: of a temporal score, and draws on the event-like quality of the diagrams, existing itself in a condition, possibly, as phenomena.

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