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Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams (2010 - ongoing) and Low Animal Spirits (2014).
by Ami Clarke

The scripting of language and code conjoin with a suspect ‘liveness’ of performance in Ami Clarke’s assemblage of two works; Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams (2010 - ongoing) and Low Animal Spirits (2014). Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams is a script reflecting on the influence of calculus, in which each articulation is just one of many takes, constantly re-edited, that references and includes openly appropriated texts, contemporary commentary, news items, anecdotal evidence; culminating in an interrelated convergence of many interwoven threads, whereby the voice (through language) is constituted between someone else's thoughts and the page. Serendipitously, the work conjoined with Low Animal Spirits (2014) a High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm dealing in world news, speculating on what is 'about' to trend, that speaks of the highly volatile production of language within the calculus of a meme economy. Drawing on a critical post-human perspective, any subject to speak of, emerges from this assemblage via an untrustworthy body with faulty equipment, produced in synthesis with it's environment, that feels through prosthesis with a body that matters, without mattering.

Day Event | Orgasmic Streaming Organic Gardening Electroculture
held at LUX Waterlow Park Centre.

With a particular focus on live editing and iteration produced in the moment of speaking/performance, this day event highlights practices that emerge between text and performance, the page and the body. With readings, performance and screenings from Anna Barham, Daniela Cascella, Ami Clarke, Tomoko Hojo, Natasha Lall, Aura Satz, Linda Stupart.

This programme is a live counterpart of the eponymous exhibition ORGASMIC STREAMING ORGANIC GARDENING ELECTROCULTURE at Chelsea Space until Friday 25 May 2018.

ORGASMIC STREAMING ORGANIC GARDENING ELECTROCULTURE seeks an alternative framework to look at the influence of conceptual procedures as well as experimental writing within contemporary feminist performance practices across visual art, sound and text. The exhibition and event programme highlights these significant trans-historical sensibilities, whilst acknowledging their disjuncts. Each artist brings a particular method, procedure or interrogation to the act of writing or performing text, blurring descriptions such as text, score, work, performance, version and iteration.

This event and the exhibition at Chelsea Space is supported by Arts Council England, LUX, Chelsea College of Arts, and Chelsea Arts Club Trust.


Ami Clarke reading script/performances: 


Low Animal Spirits and Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams performances:


Liquidity Symposium, ICA, London (Dec 2015),
Wysing Arts Centre (Feb 2016),
From Headstone to Hard-drive, Central Saint Martins University of the Arts (May 2016),
Cold Bodies, Warm Machines - Art, Technology And The Posthuman, NRW-Forum Dusseldorf (Nov 2016),
Symposium on experiments in Text - Wimbledon University of the Arts (Nov 2016),
Dec0rative D0rmit0ries f0r Sleep W0rkers - xero, kline and coma, London (May 2017),
I am not an Islander Act 1 - Brunel Shaft tunnel (July 2017), 
ORGASMIC STREAMING; LUX / Chelsea Space (May 2018),
ODD catalyst, Bucharest (Sept 2018) - the text of Error-Correction was translated into Romanian,
Artists’ publications as instructions, scores and manuals; AWP Symposium, The Tetley, Leeds, (Oct 2018)
Covfefe: Language in a meme economy, Pumphouse gallery, London (Nov 2018)
Digital Ecologies conference, Bath Spa University (July 2019).

Liquidity Symposium - ICA, London - 9th Dec 2015



Ami Clarke reads from her ongoing script: 'Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams' with 'Low Animal Spirits' - a live HFT algorithm trading in world news by Ami Clarke and Richard Cochrane.

'Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams (take 7)’ is one in a series of experimental takes of an on-going enquiry into diagrams with a persistent re-writing at its core. The script consists entirely of appropriated texts: contemporary commentary, news items, theory, as well as anecdotal evidence, culminating in an interrelated convergence of many interwoven threads, whereby the voice, through language, is constituted “between someone else’s thoughts and the page’. Take 7 focus’ on materiality, algorithms, and an evolving subjectivity, with a (satirical) nod at “Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Contemporary Visual Culture and the Acceleration of Identity Formation/Dissolution” [sic] by Jonah Peretti – founder of Buzz-feed.


In the framework of: "Cold bodies, warm machines - Art technologiy and the posthuman" - 3rd medienwerk.nrw Conference @ NRW-Forum Dusseldorf, 09.09. - 11.09. 2016


Concept & Programme Curator: Fabian Saavedra-Lara, Programme & Project Management: Klaas Werner