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Ami Clarke is an artist, writer, educator, and founder of Banner Repeater.

She works within the emergent behaviours that come of the complex protocols of platform capitalism, focussed for many years on the interdependencies between language and code, amid the unacknowledged currency of data. Earlier works explored how these dynamics contribute to undermine the very process of democracy itself, through psychological profiling, and targeting, at a granular scale. Recent work projects near future developments of data mining companies such as Cambridge Analytica, via A.I. learning language through negotiation skills whilst trading in the ultimate data of her biocode.

Recent and forthcoming writing includes: ‘covfefe: language within a meme economy’, “Text as Market” Artists Re-thinking the Blockchain, “The Currency of Data” Sonic Acts journal, ‘Ami Clarke: Author of the Blank Swan’ with Elie Ayache.

She is currently working on de-leb: group exhibition // collectively authored writing experiment: a science fiction based on fact, time-stamped via smart contract on the blockchain.

Recently exhibited/curated: HereNow art + tech residency SPACE, shortlisted: Wysing’s Worlds Amongst Us, Xero Kline and Coma, Centrespace Dundee, ICA, Wysing Arts Centre, Hayward Gallery.


She is also founder of Banner Repeater; a reading room with a public Archive of Artists' Publishing and project space, opening up an experimental space for others, on a working train station platform, London.  Ideas that come of early network culture: publishing, distribution, and dissemination, that lead to a critical analysis of post-digital art production, are shared in her practice as an artist and inform the working remit of Banner Repeater. 


Her practice continues to develop alongside her facilitating Banner Repeater, which has become a unique research model informing her practice, in a working train station environment. 

You can find out more about Banner Repeater here.


She has recently had her work included in Information edited by Sarah Cook (2016) - an art-historical reassessment of information-based art and exhibition curation, from 1960s conceptualism to current digital and network-based practices - Whitechapel Documents in Contemporary Art and MIT press series.  See here for more details:

employment / teaching posts

Goldsmiths University of London Critical Studies 

BA Fine Art Associate Lecturer, '16-18

Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, 

MA Fine Art Associate Lecturer, 2014-18

CSM, BA Fine Art, Critical Studies Associate Lecturer, 2014

CSM, BA Fine Art, 4D pathway, 2014

CSM, BA Fine Art, Critical Studies Associate Lecturer, 2014

recent exhibitions:

She has recently exhibited/curated works at Xero Kline and Coma, Centrespace gallery Dundee, ICA, London, Wysing Arts Centre, Museo Del Chopo - Mexico City, Hayward Gallery, collaborated with Cuss Group SA - Ithuba Gallery (British Council connect_ZA), David Roberts Arts Foundation, Camden Arts Centre, The Container, Japan. 

She continues to commission new artists/writers works through the Banner Repeater platform, and several publishing imprints: Banner Repeater paperbacks, Banner Repeater publishing, and the UN-PUBLISH series. 

She teaches the critical studies seminar series: Post-digital art: Hybrid Strategies in Networked Culture at Goldsmiths BA Fine Art and Creative Computing BA.

She also teaches at Central Saint Martins Masters of Fine Art, and across the UK, with a focus on post-digital strategies in network culture.


Sonic Acts Academy publication - Q and A with Ami Clarke by Marija Bozinovska Jones

Text as Market by Ami Clarke 
published in Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain. published by Furtherfield and Torque. Editors, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner. 

Low Animal Spirits by Ami Clarke.  Journal of Visual Art Practice Volume 15, 2016

Information edited by Sarah Cook (2016) - an art-historical reassessment of information-based art and exhibition curation, from 1960s conceptualism to current digital and network-based practices - Whitechapel Documents in Contemporary Art and MIT press series.  See here for more details:

The Clearing "[...] Cryptic architecture, where form no longer reveals function. They seem to contain the codes of some mysterious mental process" J.G. Ballard - The Atrocity Exhibition 1969.

Banner Repeater: An interview with Ami Clarke  Ashley Janke May, 2017

Interview with Banner Repeater’s Ami Clarke (Founder/Director)


Artists talks / symposiums / workshops

Unnaturally Occurring Compliance PhD Symposium – University of Reading Department of Art 2017

Rethinking Digital Interaction Roundtable – Mayday Rooms 2017

Contingency of writing at Re-learning to Read w Torque - Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool 2017

BookBlast digital archive w Beau Geste Press - CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain Bordeaux 2017

RCA Eady Forum – talk and workshop 2016/17

Cold Bodies, Warm Machines – Art, Technology And The Posthuman, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf 2016

Thinking through the Block – workshops on blockchain tech, Banner Repeater, 2017

Publishing as Process – Dundee Contemporary, Cooper Gallery 2016

Elie Ayache (The Blank Swan) and Ami Clarke in conversation, Technology Now, ICA 2016

Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, Masters Rietveld Academie - talk and workshop 2016

Artists talk - MFA Critical Studies Royal College of Art 2016

Artists talk - MFA Curating at Goldsmiths University of London 2016

Wysing Arts Centre – The Practice of Theories - performance of LAS / Error-Correction 2016

Thinking Through Publishing – symposium – with Flat Time House and Banner Repeater, Central Saint Martins, 2016

Publishing as Process: Art, Text and Distribution at Camden Arts Centre, London. 2016

Sustainable Publishing as part of Plastic Words at Raven Row

Liquidity – symposium, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 2015

‘Thinking with Algorithms: Cognition and Computation in the Work of N. Katherine Hayles', 

- Global geopolitics, security & political theory - Gala Theatre in ass with Durham University 2015

Headstone to Hard Drive, Monument to Folly

– Symposia addressing issues of exteriorisation, technique and technology as they affect, inform and construct the visual arts. CSM 2015

Publishing as Process – On the relation between art, text and technology, Goethe-Institut – Lunch Bytes series, Ami Clarke with Melanie Buehler, Goethe Institut, 2015

Diagram Research Use and Generation Group – ICA – Symposium – Plague of Diagrams 2015
Publishing, distribution, disemination seminars with Isaac Olvera, Museo Del Chopo, Mexico City 2015

Turf Projects & Croydon Tech City, Debate & Discuss: 

How Art and Technology are connected? What is the nature of the relationship between Technology and Art Today? 2015

Artists talk - Kent University, MA Fine Art, 2015

The Artists Book at Parasol Unit – during the exhibition: Shinro Ohtake. 2015

York St John University, Artists talk and Banner Repeater, 2015

Artists discussion – Tabularium curated by Alana Kushnir, Slopes Gallery, Melbourne. 2015

Artists talk - University for the Creative Arts, MA Fine Art, 2015

Post-digital publishing, exploring alternative networks of distribution talk, CSM UAL, 2014

Artists talk - Slade School of Fine Art, BA Fine Art, 2013

Artists talk - Royal College of Art Critical writing in Art and Design MA, 2013

Artists talk - University of Reading BA Fine Art, 2013

Artists talk - MA Photography, School of Fine Art, Kingston University, 2013

Artists talk - Birkbeck University of London, MA in Curating 2013

Artists talk - University of Greenwich, 2013

Artists talk - Bournemouth University of Art, BA Fine Art, 2013

Appropriation Beyond the Object talk with: Ben Vickers, Helen Kaplinsky and Ami Clarke. 2013

Publishing Forum: The Binder and the Server; post-digital publishing. Copeland Book Market 2013

Hardcore Software presents Piracy Today, artists talk and panel discussion. The Barbican 2013

Post-digital Publishing, Artists talk and panel discussion. G39, Cardiff 2013