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4EDR 2017

These are a few practice run early video clips of a project that never materialised in full, that were meant to capture a little of mums great knowledge of the plants in her garden.  She was not too keen on being filmed, unfortunately, as is clear when I at last get her on screen!

She was happy to chat about her plants though, and I only wish it had become the project it was meant to be, which we were about to begin in a roundabout way in 2020, looking at her ideas revealed by studies on the gut microbiome and how these effect everything from mental health to your weight.

She saw nothing of the pandemic, but she would have been thrilled that her favourite gut microbiota expert Tim Spector has lead the way in establishing the COVID Symptom Study app - a not-for-profit initiative that was launched at the end of March 2020 to support vital COVID-19 research. The app was launched by health science company ZOE with scientific analysis provided by King’s College London. With over 4 million contributors globally, the Study is the world’s largest ongoing study of COVID-19 and is led by ZOE Co-Founder, Tim Spector.

Ahead of the curve as ever!  how very glad I am to have known you.

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