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Error-Correction screen print small.jpg

"Error Correction: an introduction to future diagrams".


(Screen print (A2) on Mirri Rainbow paper 240 gsm.)

Ami Clarke, commissioned print-work, by COPY: Joanna Loveday & Charlotte A Morgan, in residence: Print It at Site Gallery summer 2012, (including an exhibition of publications by Coracle Press.)


Whilst the hegemony of real experience is better depicted in Hogarth's 'Satire on False Perspective" of 1754, which drew particular attention to not only the conventions of drawing, but also ridiculed the order represented in such drawings by utilising an array of devices, creating an absurdity of perspective and making a mockery of mans conceit to intelligibly impose order on the world, this is complicated somewhat further by inverting the etching, and collapsing perspectival relations further by introducing what might be considered dark matter in the form of ink.

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