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The Underlying Ami Clarke

The Underlying

Ami Clarke

arebyte gallery

London City Island

Canning Town

19th Sept - 16th Nov

The work in The Underlying utilises live sentiment analysis of online news production and social media, relating to BPA’s (Bisphenol A*) to consider how surveillance, rather than a rogue element of capitalism, enmeshes with the effects of market forces upon the environment, happening at a molecular level.  

Derivative (VR) capture

The Underlying, a new body of work by Ami Clarke

at arebyte gallery



Lag Lag Lag (video interface with live sentiment analysis),

Derivative (Virtual Reality),

The Prosthetics (prosthetic optics, blown glass),

sand drift - installation.

The Underlying - installation shots

- close-up details of graphs, twitter feed / news analysis / pricing model, around 08.14

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