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Diagram as Event.

6th April – 12th April,
Central Saint Martins, Charing Cross rd, south window.

Diagram as Event

From research at the John Latham archive Flat Time House: display of five of John Latham's diagrams, considering further the diagram in relation to the archive.

• The basic (T) diagram

Score in terms of art

• The basic (T) diagram

the Plane (AU)  is ‘score’ a non-extended re-present with extended events. 

• Point Drawing

There is no intended interpretation, the drawing is included as prototype

• The basic (T) diagram

not for printing

• The basic (T) diagram

the map is a readymade after the initial premises are set out.

also displayed:

Full Stop       (1961)

Described by the Independent in 2005 as a "huge black painted circle that represents an event and its unknowable circumstances", the picture displayed is an enlarged photo of 'Full Stop" by John Latham, with a black line that incidentally occurs at the bottom of the page, found during research.

The punctuation implied by the title: 'Full Stop' suggests syncopation in terms of event: of a temporal score, and draws on the event-like quality of the diagrams, existing itself in a condition, possibly, as phenomena.