Ami Clarke


Photography Stephen Harewood

Photography Stephanie Rushton

This Way Up

Steel frame, honeycomb card-board, paint, duct tape, masking tape, cable ties.   Dimensions variable.
Supplied with additional panel material.

The work is an experiential reflection on the artifice of constructed space; of spatial organisation. The frames are designed with reference to the ideal heights for balustrades, door heights, and others, often used in retail and mixed use architectural developments.  The materials reference packaging in the form of cardboard, duct tape, and cable ties, and the markings found on the surface are reminiscent of the markings to be found often on cardboard boxes indicating which way up they should be placed. 

Unknown Unknowns - Campbell Works 05.09.
Photography: Stephanie Rushton, Stephen Harewood and Ami Clarke.

Photography Stephanie Rushton

Photography Stephanie Rushton

Models for This Way Up

Pamphlets not to scale