Ami Clarke

Error-Correction: An Introduction to Future Diagrams.


Through an embodied research methodology working for four years on the train platform, developed from theoretical and historical cross-disciplinary research into diagrams, and diagramming, Ami Clarke produces experimental texts, developed as scripts that form an ongoing audio production:


“Error-Correction: An Introduction to Future Diagrams


which accumulate as a series of ‘takes’ – live recordings on the railway platform at Hackney Downs train station, where Banner Repeater is sited; chapters of a science fiction where paradox is everyday.


The scripts reference and include found and appropriated texts, contemporary commentary; news items, as well as anecdotal evidence, culminating in an interrelated convergence of many interwoven threads, and attempt at a ‘potential articulation’ with regards to the production of art under current ‘conditions’ in the world: material, theoretical, and philosophical.


The texts consider ‘diagrams’ and ‘diagramming’ as a way of considering the way differing ‘frameworks’ have historically constructed the notion of subjectivity, from single point and perspectival drawing, to projected geometry and further, beyond the human sensorium, via abstraction in mathematics and quantum physics that problematise previously held classic mechanical models of representation, siting an object in space.

Error_Correction: chapt 1 2012                                      Error-Correction: Chapter 1 (take 2) 2013.